javascript developers

Yasmine K.

Javascript Developer

Yasmine is a software engineer focused on JavaScript technologies. She is also a UI Developer as she participated in designing and developing the user interface of web many applications/websites. read more

ASP.NET BootStrap CSS Javascript

Ahmed M.

Javascript Developer

Mansour is a front end developer with specialization in JavaScript, Angular, Typescript, and C#. He has a passion for software development especially, agile practices such as Test Driven Development, with an in depth knowledge of OOP and GoF Design Patterns. He has over 4 years of ¬†experience in software development including ASP.NET 1.1, ASP.NET4.5.1 in […] read more

Angular.Js knockout.js Angular2/4/6 Asp.Net MVC BootStrap CSS Javascript JQuery Silverlight (C#) TypeScript WCF Wep Api WPF

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