ai developers

Rezq M.

AI Developer

Rezq is a passionate software engineer, specializes in developing efficient machine learning models. Rezq worked on many academic projects using Python, Matlab, and C+. He is proficient in Data Structures and Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, read more

Data Structure Keras Matlab Python Tensorflow

Salma M.

AI Developer

Salma has more than 2 years of experience in software engineering and specifically in machine learning. She worked mostly on developing machine learning models that are used for diagnosing certain medical conditions. She is an expert in Python, C++ and Matlab and she can work with a wide variety of technologies (PL/SQL- ADO, ODP, java/android […] read more

C/C++ Java Matlab MySQL Python

Sherif N.

AI Developer

Sherif started his programming career in 2016 as a software engineer. Since then he has been focusing on machine learning and AI technologies. He worked with reputable Egyptian and multinational companies as a software engineer specialized in developing database schemas for multifunctional website and platforms. Besides, he completed a number of machine learning and data […] read more

.NET Java Javascript Objective-C R SQL

Noureldin Y.

AI Developer

Noureldin is a results-driven software engineer who specializes in machine learning. He has nearly 2 years of experience in C/C++, Java,and Python. He worked on a number of successful projects using AI and machine learning tools. read more

C/C++ Java Keras Python Tensorflow

Walid H.

AI Developer

Hazem is a software engineer with an excellent record of using Machine Learning technologies. In addition to his working experience, he has taken a number of courses in Deep Learning, Cloud Application Development, and he also participated in the IBM Blockchain Hackathon in 2017. read more

Android Angular Ionic Keras Node js PHP sklearn. Tensorflow

Mina F.

AI Developer

Farouk is a Software Developer with experience in different IT disciplines, from software development to system administration. His interests are particularly related to Python, Django, Machine Learning, Blockchain technologies and Cloud Computing. read more

Bash scripting Big Data Fundamentals Django EMC2's ISM Hadoop administration Linux Machine Learning Multichain OOP/OOD pyth REST SOAP

Loay A.

AI Developer

Amin is a Computer Engineer with passion towards Deep Learning. He has been working as a deep learning researcher for autonomous driving vehicles. He is also a member of DLforLife organization on Github. He took part in several projects for a number of the largest OEMs in the world. He is an expert in data […] read more

Angular C HTML Java Javascript Python

Sherif E.

AI Developer

Ebmark is a software engineer with a solid knowledge in multiple technologies. Given that he is a certified Machine Learning Engineer by the University of Stanford (Coursera Course). He also won the first place in Egypt Big Data Hackathon in 2017. read more

C/C++ Java Javascript Python R Ruby

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