Breaking down talent barriers with remote work

Breaking down talent barriers with remote work
April 22, 2019

When we think about the future of work, the first thing that comes to mind is technology. A workforce that is focused on freedom, where employees can implement new strategies and build new structures.

In fact, the future of work is in our hands. Technology has granted us the freedom we have always dreamed of. It has enabled us to inspire, communicate and collaborate with each other regardless of where we are located.

Technology has enabled us to build a flexible and customizable workforce that connects companies with outstanding professionals at anytime and from anywhere.

The situation in Europe

During the past 5 years, Europe has seen an enormous increase in the number of startups founded. The European startup monitor reported that there are 830.000 companies spread across 20 European cities. In Berlin, there is a startup founded every 20 minutes in the city, providing unprecedented and exciting career opportunities every day.

However, for startups and SMEs, finding tech talents that are qualified, and cost effective is tough. So most of these job opportunities are left unfilled or filled with the wrong talent.

What is Remoteplatz?

Remoteplatz provides an alternative solution for entrepreneurs and smart business to scale up their development team. Giving them access to a large pool of tech talents and helping them save up to 70% of their total recruitment and IT costs.

RemotePlatz empowers motivated and talented developers to work remotely with leading German/Swiss businesses.

Our logo

As we are starting a new journey, our logo represents our mission and aspirations. It represents us as we are looking at the world, knowing that it’s full of potential and talents that should never be limited to one place. It represents who we are and how we see the future of work. For us, the future of work is remote, agile and digitalized.

Looking ahead

Our mission is to build the largest community of remote developers who are innovative, independent and inspiring.

Interested in hiring a remote developer? Send us a request now!

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