Our Values

Remoteplatz embraces the core values

We envision the future workplace to be free of constraints, allowing tech talents to choose how, where and when they work and embracing freedom as a core value.

Establishing independent and transparent workplace is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, we start by being transparent with our team by embracing open communication to keep our community fully in the loop.

the future of work wouldn't happen without innovation. That’s why we as a team strive to break the boundaries of traditional employment by bringing innovation into the modern workplace.

Our Story

While pursuing his professional career in Germany, our co-founder, was intrigued by the idea to work with talents around the world. Having led many startups in the region, he found that exciting career opportunities were limited to talents within the same geographical area. With the technological advancement in communication, it felt like a great opportunity to bring innovators and like minded talents to work together remotely, from anywhere, and at anytime.

We decided to build Remoteplatz with the vision to bring freedom and independency to the workplace.

The problem:

We found that recruiting talent is the number 1 concern of startups. Startups and SMEs spend an enormous amount of time recruiting talents which drives them away from their main focus, that is growing their business. Finding tech talents is particularly tough, considering the high cost of qualified talents and the lack of supply.

The solution:

Therefore, we started Remoteplatz to create an effective alternative for startups and modern business, enabling them to access talents and skill sets that are not represented in their area, and saving up to 70% of their IT costs.

We believe that recruiting remote tech talents in one coworking space will allow them to, share experiences, exchange ideas, enjoy the independency and form an international community of innovators in Egypt.

Why Egypt?

At the end of 2016, the Egyptian pound was devalued and basically halved in value, giving foreign investors a 50% discount on everything overnight. Having several engineering schools, there is a sizable amount of developers in Egypt, of which remoteplatz has access to more than 10,000 engineers. Engineers in Egypt are looking up to the German working culture, given that the strongest Engineering school is within the German University of Cairo, hence working for a German company is also very reputable and in that case remote work is seen as a perk in itself as we pay our Engineers in Euro.

Our Vision

Building the largest remote community in the world. We envision a world where entrepreneurs can easily access and hire the most qualified talents wherever they are.

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